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7th Online Edition of International Conference on

Occupational Health and Public Safety

Theme: Spearheading the transformation of occupational medical research into knowledge through scientific goals in public health with COVID-19

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London, UK

Program Abstract Registration Awards 2020

18 years of lifescience communication


Performers / Professionals From Around The Globe

Conference Speaker

Anna Tompa

Key Note Speaker | Deputy Director | Professor | Semmelweis University, Institute of Public Health

Conference Speaker

Hazem Gallagher-Alagha

Glasgow University

Conference Speaker

Hrvoje Lalic

Professor | Specialist in Occupational and Sports medicine | University of Rijeka

Conference Speaker


Key Note Speaker | Board Member of Board International Commission on Occupational Health

Conference Speaker

P. Michael Politano

Professor | Department of Psychology The Citadel

Conference Speaker

Amaka ogba

PhD student | University of Port Harcourt

Conference Speaker

Jean Marcel NANGA

Faculty of health and life science

Conference Speaker

Ana-Maria Dumitrescu

M.D., Junior doctor in Occupational Health

Tracks & Key Topics

Occupational Health 2021

7th Edition of International Conference on Occupational Health and Public Safety

After finishing our conference 6th Edition of International Conference on Occupational Health and Public Safety with success happened on April 13-14, 2020 at our set venue London, UK. So we are looking forward to continuing our success and we once again taking the liberty to welcome you at our new destination in London, UK from September 20-21, 2021 for our upcoming Event on 7th Edition of International Conference on Occupational Health and Public Safety organizing by EuroScicon Pvt Ltd. (Occupational Health Congress 2021).
The future spirited Conference not solely highlights informative, analysis attention-grabbing and instrumental activity Health and Public Safety from all disciplines. activity Health Congress 2021 can currently be focusing upon the theme "Spearheading the Transformation of Occupational Medical Research into Knowledge through Scientific Networking" for to assist improve communication and data among professionals, community and to supply a platform for international colleagues, delegates to determine companies and exchanging concepts. Activity Health and Public Safety Conference can offer the stage to showcase your stimulating shows, new views, new concepts and thoughts and update trendy activity health and safety procedures, preventive precautions, safety measures and activity therapeutic choices. Also, an additional goal of the Congress is to supply an area for each educational specialists and skilled business specialists with inter-disciplinary/multi-disciplinary advantages associated with activity Health and Public Safety to illuminate and work at the side of all professionals and researchers each within and out of doors of their own specific disciplines.

We square measure trying forward to hospitable you and disbursement valuable time in London, UK.

What you will get:

  • Get deep and deeper than ever into the activity health medical obstruction and new ideas with a pair of full days of knowledgeable keynotes sessions, plenaries speak, workshopsposter sessions, symposiumsdebates and cluster discussions.
  • Develop an idea of action and long-lived terms with new policies which will be applicable to your association/societyestablishments, an expert world for higher enhancements and development.
  • Get learns new rising technologies, the most recent trends and success ways around activity health policiesrisk managementsafety precautions, activity health diseases, activity health hazards and hygiene, activity health arrangement and lots of additional.
  • Network with knowledgeable peers, medical leaders, and activity health consultants and acquire the insights you would like to maneuver onward for higher advancement and development.
  • Get access to attentive and difficult debates.
  • Get engaged in associate interactive atmosphere on the necessary problems.
  •  Provide a chance to urge access to any or all sessions

Target Audience:

The conference is hospitable all the professionals operating in activity Health and Public Safety which incorporates however not restricted to:

Occupational Health-care DoctorsOccupational Healthcare ProfessionalsOccupational Healthcare Administrators, Occupational Health Data AnalystOccupational Health PhysiciansOccupational Healthcare ConsultancyOccupational Health PractitionersOccupational Healthcare Investing FarmsOccupational Healthcare SpecialistsOccupational Health Business ProvidersOccupational Healthcare NursingOccupational Healthcare SocietiesOccupational Healthcare OrganizationsOccupational Health Fire Safety SpecialistsOccupational Healthcare Management SpecialistsOccupational Health TherapistsOccupational Health EconomistsOccupational Health Risk Assessment TeamSocial WorkersOccupational Health SurveillanceOccupational Health Service ProvidersPhysiotherapistsOccupational Health PediatriciansResearchersOccupational Health Policy Makers and others.

Abstracts submissions are now open for Key Note Forum, Oral performances, Panel conversation and scientific posters presentation within our track list that been highlighted in our website and also papers on different topics that ex-directory square measure welcome additionally if they meet the goals of the Congress. We are expecting International Congress on Occupational Health and Public Safety 2021 theme based for Congress will inspire a number of research centers, institutions and organizations as they look forward to discussing concepts, new researchers, findings and synergies during this International educational and Business Forum. We are hoping to meet you all in London, UK this September 2021!



Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Occupational Disease and Human Health


The ecumenical marketplace for culled healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) treatments was valued at proximately $15.2 billion in 2014.

This market is foretold to increment from proximately $17.1 billion in 2015 to $30 billion by 2025, with a compound annual magnification rate of vi.1% from 2015 to 2020.

An “occupational sickness” is associated disease shrunk primarily as results of an exposure to risk factors arising from work activity. “Work-related diseases” have multiple causes, wherever factors within the work surroundings could play a job, at the side of different risk factors, within the development of such diseases. Occupational and work-related diseases include:

  • Carrying our estimates of the global burden of disease from major occupational risks, such as injuries, airborne exposures, carcinogens, ergonomic stressors, noise and other specific risks.
  • Incorporating occupational diseases and their causes in the 11th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.
  • Working with ILO to develop diagnostic and exposure criteria for occupational diseases and to enable primary and secondary health care providers to detect and report such diseases.

Risk occupations include:

Skin health careDental health careEnvironmental problems and environmental impact, Biomarkers for human health, effectiveness and safety of drug use and Biosafety: surroundings, health and safety, Hairdressing, Catering, Healthcare, motorcar repair and Construction. This session also includes Skin healthcare, Healthcare professionals, Management, system & law, Dental healthcare, Environmental contamination and health concerns, Biomarkers for human health, Efficacy and safety of drug use, urban health vs. rural health and Biosafety: Environment, health and safety.

Sub-Tracks include:



Applied Psychology

Environmental Physics

Social Psychology


Track 2: Environmental Safety and Occupational Health

Environmental Safety and attention outline as a penalizing study that centered on applying sensible aspects of environmental protection and safety within the operating sector. In a means of easy shell defines that this can be all Organizations ought to follow to create certain safety and smart setting be maintained in Working-Sectors that don't cause any harm to anyone. From viewpoint of health and safety, it explains to create organized efforts and procedures for documentation of workplace hazards, safety measures, reduction of accidents and exposures to harmful situations and substances. It conjointly involves coaching in accident hindrance, safety precautions and emergency responses likewise as uses of protecting wear and instrumentation. Also from the Environmental point of view, it involves by creating a systematic approach for complying environmental regulations such as waste managementwaste air control and also health hazards issues all the thanks to keep operating setting smart and healthy. It conjointly complies with work engineering and Violence that been enforced and given so as to stay safety in operating sectors.

Sub -Tracks include:

Environmental Health and Ergonomics

Environmental Health and Occupational Safety

Emergency Preparedness

Machine Guarding

Environmental Health and Land

Environmental Health Program



Track 3: Occupational Health and Hazards

Occupational Health Hazards are being defined as health hazards that been encountered at the working sector that comprises of chemical hazards, noise pollution, psychological hazards, physical hazards, toxicological hazards, biological hazards etc. causing health issues as well as safety problems. Thus Organizing board of some Industries has recommended for setting up exposure limits as well as suggested special specific precautions to encounter health hazards and safety issues. Occupational Health Hazards have been conducted in workplace investigations and researches in providing strategies for workplace health and safety regulations. Health Administration of Organizations been involving in focusing to control prevention of workplace safety and illness.

Sub-Tracks include:

Hazard Illness

Preventive care

Safety Precautions

Occupational Exposures

Health Disorders


Track 4: Occupational Industrial Safety and Hygiene

Occupational Safety at Industrial Sector has now become an important issue for every Industries and Company all around the World. Occupational Industrial Hygiene is being regarded as anticipation, evaluationcontrol and preventive care against injury and other health issues that all being related to the wellness of workers in working areas. As in Industrial sector “Safety” is the main issue as it comprising all within it. So some industries in developed and developing countries having a separate board for managing Industrial safety and hiring Occupational Hygienists for better control of the situation and as well to understand better ways of safety precautions and measures that can be taken within Industrial Sector. As well, on the other hand, some Companies having policies of hiring Hygiene experts so that they could well understand exposure risk management and industrial safety and also be considering the type of job of an individual within Industrial Sector a Hygienist will be applying their expertise of exposures towards protection of individual, consumers as well as Community. The purpose of Occupational Hygiene in the Industrial sector will be using severe and laborious scientific methodology and also often requires a specialized decision that based upon involvement and educating for determining the potential for hazardous relevant dangers within the working sector and environmental studies.

Sub-Tracks include:

Fall Protection

Emergency Safety

Workplace Promotion

Facility Security and Safety


Track 5: Occupational Health and Safety Administration

Occupational Safety Administration includes safety protocolsmeasuresprecautionspreventive care that can be taken for safety purposes in working sectors. Safety Administration in some Industries been assigned to look after the well-being of individuals in the working environment and also to ensure their safety as well. It is their duty and responsibility to ensure the safety of individuals within the working environment of Organization. It also comes under the responsibility of Safety Administration to inform all their individuals regarding hazards and their preventive and precaution measures through training, panel discussion, alarming them, providing details sheets of hazards etc.

Sub-Tracks include:

Construction Site Safety

Occupational Fatality

Safety Regulation Act

Safety Ergonomics


Track 6: Chronic Health, Industrial Food Safety and Management

Incessant sicknesses represent a motivating reason for mortality and therefore the World Health Organization (WHO) reports endless non-transmittable conditions to be by a good margin the most reason for mortality on the earth, chatting with thirty five million passing in 2005 and quite hour of all passing. The sustenance security testing business is anticipated to achieve $23,040.7 million by 2023. In 2013, the business was powerless by North America, trailed by Europe. The Asia-Pacific business is anticipated to develop at the foremost astounding CAGR amid the gauge amount.

An incessant condition could be a human eudaemonia condition or infection that's tireless or usually sturdy in its belongings or a illness that accompanies time. The term endless is often connected once the course of the illness goes on for over 3 months. Traditional uninterrupted ailments incorporate joint pain, asthma, tumour, COPD, polygenic disease and infective agent sicknesses, as an example, viral hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.

Sustenance security is AN fact-finding management portrayal taking care of, planning, and storage of nourishment in ways in which avert foodborne illness. This incorporates numerous schedules that have to be compelled to be taken when to take care of a strategic distance from conceivably extreme eudaemonia dangers. The tracks within this line of believed as eudaemonia within the middle of business and therefore the business and later on between the sector and therefore the shopper. In considering business to promote rehearses, nourishment eudaemonia contemplations incorporate the roots of sustenance together with the works on distinctive with sustenance naming, nourishment cleanliness, nourishment more substances and chemical deposits, and additionally ways on biotechnology and sustenance and rules for the administration of body import and fare review and certificate frameworks for nourishments.

An aliment safety risk analysis is crucial not solely to engender or manufacture prime quality product and merchandise to determine safety and forfend public health, however notwithstanding to fits international and national standards and market laws. With risk analyses victuals safety systems is fortified and victuals-borne diseases is reduced. Victuals safety risk analyses fixate on major safety issues in producing premises—not each safety issue needs a proper risk analysis. Sometimes, particularly for involute or disputable analyses, customary workers are fortified by freelance consultants. This session includes temporomandibular downside, autoimmune disorderSpinal structure, Food safety- Standards & laws, Food internal control and safety measures- shopper labelling, Food safety, Risk assessment and management, Food pharmacology and microbiology-Spoilage hindrance and management and Novel ways for the analysis of food adulteration and believability.

Subtracks Include:      


Infectious Diseases

Health care

Health promotion of workers


Track 7: Occupational Health and Preventive Care

Occupational Health has now become a prominent issue regarding health and safety in work areas. So for most of Organizations and Industries are mainly focusing upon Preventive care and Safety precautions needed for their individuals to work safely. Preventive measures including all factors in relation to Safety measures, Prevention of Risk-FactorsModern Preventive Safety Measures, Risk ManagementHealth IssuesGood working Environment that all been needed at Working sectors for better upliftment and progress for any Organization. So most of the Organization Directorial board are now focusing upon taking Safety Measures and Preventive Care to create better Working Environment for their individuals.

Sub-Tracks include:

Preventive Measures

Confines Spaces in Workplaces

Electrical Safety

Facility Security


Track 8: Occupational Health Ergonomics