Occupational Health and Nutrition

Nutrition also has a role play in Occupational health as it is the important part in diet of an individual. People in occupational sector should have a proper and healthy diet to keep them healthy and Nutrients Supplements being used by individuals for Health Promotion. Nutrition is being defined a diet within an organism of what it eats is largely determined by availability and palatability of food. A Healthy diet of an individual includes proper preparation of food and its storage methods that preserve nutrients and also reduces risk of food illness. Occupational Nutritionist also evaluates Nutritional value in their daily diet for better health in working environment so that they stay active physically and mentally.

Upcoming Occupational Health & Safety Conferences 2018

International Conference on Health and Primary Care, London, UK  May 28-30, 2018; International Conference on Preventive Medicine and Public Health, London, UK  Jul 16-17, 2018; International Conference on Adolescent Health and Medicine, Madrid, Spain August 06-07, 2018; Ophthalmology Surgery and Clinical Practice Conference, Barcelona, Spain July 31- August 1, 2018.