Occupational Health and Hazards

Occupational Hazards are being considered as health hazards experienced in the working place. Occupational Health Hazards includes chemical hazards, toxicological hazards, biological hazards, physical hazards etc. Occupational hazards being term signifies both in long term and short term risks that associated with the work-place environment that studied in field of Occupational and Public Health. For to preventive measures hazardous substances being properly handled and dumped so that it does not cause any Environmental Health Hazards. However, improper control of these substances can result in a severe threat to site workers and to the general public. Finally, workers are subjects not only to the hazards of direct exposure, but also to dangers exposed by the disorderly physical environment of hazardous waste sites. Such Exposures includes:

  • Chemical exposure.
  • Fire and   explosion.
  • Oxygen deficiency.
  • Ionizing radiation.
  • Biologic hazards.
  • Safety hazards.
  • Electrical hazards.
  • Heat stress.
  • Cold exposure.
  • Noise.

Upcoming Occupational Safety and Health Care Conferences

International Conference on Preventive Medicine and Public Health, London, UK  Jul 16-17, 2018; International Conference on Health and Primary Care, London, UK  May 28-30, Ophthalmology Surgery and Clinical Practice Conference, Barcelona, Spain July 31- August 1, 2018; International Conference on Immunology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases, Frankfurt, Germany May 10-12, 2018