Occupational Health Ergonomics

The word Ergonomics coined as the observation of behavioural activityHealth, and Safety, limitation of an individual in the working areas. It mainly concentrates upon the eradication of discomforts, risks, injuries that might be caused   work. In another word, it is mentioned to consider first safety priority of employees at their working stations. The main objective of Ergonomics in Occupational Health factor is focusing upon to create and maintain a good Healthy and Safe working environment. It also focused upon the mental health of individuals in their work sector as well to observe their behavioural activity towards their work. According to recent research in working sectors, it has been observed that lower back pain is the most common health issue faced by individuals in a working sector such as in offices, in their workstation, within agricultural field etc. It also tries to understand the physiology and psychology of individuals for having a better healthy environment.

It also comprises:



Applied Psychology

Environmental Physics

Social Psychology


Sub-Tracks include:


Office Ergonomics

Behavioural Safety


Mental Health