Occupational Fire Safety

Occupational Health and Fire Safety are being focused as a serious issue at working sectors and in Industries also. As we all know to cause for fire focusing upon 3 main sources such as IgnitionFuel, and Oxygen. In most of the Industrial sector Fire Safety measures have been taken with Care and also forming awareness with fire safety risk assessment among workers and individuals. They have created a manual of risk assessment on fire safety that been distributed among individuals that been updated regularly by keeping Safety and Healthy Environment in mind. Manual shares the approach of Health and Safety Risk Assessment that could be carried out as a total part of risk management. It is helpful in preventing fire in the workplace and also to ensure for satisfactory and suitable fire safety measures to reduce the risk of injury and loss of life. For taking proper safety measures some steps that should be taken such as:

Carry out a Fire Safety Risk assessment

Keep apart causes of the explosion and combustible matters

Dodge unintentional fires e.g. make sure heaters cannot be cracked over

Safeguard good housework at all times, e.g. dodge build-up of tosh that could ignite

Study how to detect fires and also how to warn people quickly if they start, e.g. fitting burn alarms and fire alarms or bells

Have the correct fire-fighting gear for setting a fire out rapidly

Keep fire exits and escape routes clearly noticeable and free at all times

Ensure your workers receive suitable drill on actions they need to follow.

Assessment and inform your risk assessment frequently