Mr Lorenzo Gallo

Mr Lorenzo Gallo

CEO of NextWave Safety Solutions, New York, USA


Lorenzo is the CEO of NextWave Safety Solutions, Inc. known as a safety and risk management expert who has drafted safety regulations for the City of Philadelphia, the fracking industry, fire and building codes for the City of New York as well as the first active shooter trainer curriculum.

He manages site safety managers and coordinators who help promote job safety and meet required building codes and has revolutionized the construction safety tech industry leading with real-time data analytics, geo-located wearables, and virtual reality training.

Additionally, Lorenzo directs several probation and parole projects for at-risk and recent release youths known as Rising Up and Man Up as well as several veteran training, employment, and career programs. Prior to his role at NextWave, Lorenzo was the managing director at Lehman Brothers and holds an MBA from Wharton and a BA in business finance from Pace University.


Workplace violence, including incidents of mass shootings, is unfortunately on the rise. Given the increase in frequency and lethality of these events, employers, Health and Safety professionals and the businesses that they represent must take a proactive approach to keep their workers safe. We must collectively develop a new baseline and best practices to act as the first comprehensive workplace violence action plan. 

The frequency of active shooter and workplace violence incidents are on the rise; it is our fiduciary responsibility as business owners and human beings to provide the safest work environment that we can for our employees. Emergency preparedness and active shooter survivor scenarios lack a consistent, standardized training.

The Health and Safety Industry needs to evolve to counter this unfortunate new normal. Workplace violence is unique as a job hazard because unlike other hazards it does not involve a specific work process or function. Workplace violence, because it begins and ends with people themselves, is much harder to engineer away than falls, slips, trips, caught bys, struck-bys, or electrocutions, the "Focus Four." 

To begin, our industries require new workforce and workplace training, an investment in safety leadership, and consistent reinforcement. Comprehensive emergency preparedness and workplace violence prevention and response training must include a 'Stop the Bleed' component to provide essential content covering event aftermath. Topics such as emergency medical assistance, CPR/AED, crisis communication, grief counseling, and corporate strategies to continue working operations deem inclusion in a workplace violence action plan.