Dr. Oscar Cristito L. Rosete

Dr. Oscar Cristito L. Rosete

HOD of Medical Unit of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy | Philippines


Dr. Oscar Cristito L. Rosete finished his Doctor of Medicine from the FEU-NRMF, Manila, Philippines. He had his Post-Graduate Diploma and Master of International Health from the University of the Philippines Open University. He is a Diplomate and Fellow of the Philippine College of Occupational Medicine. At present, he is the head of the Medical Unit of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy and a visiting medical consultant at the ACE Medical Center- Baypointe, Subic Freeport Zone, Philippines.


The maritime workplace remained to be one of the world’s high-risk Occupations (Nielsen et al,2013). Maritime standards and Health and Safety policies and practices were proven to be inadequate in preventing work-related injuries and accidents onboard seafaring vessels. It was in this light that safety culture was adopted in the shipping industry.

Hence, this study aimed to assess the shipboard safety culture among cadet seafarers in relation to specific seafaring vessel types (tanker or bulk). This study primarily followed a cross-sectional research design. It aimed to assess and compare shipboard safety culture from the cadet seafarers’ perspective thru prevalence school-based survey using a Likert scale, and qualitative probing thru key informant interviews and a focus group discussion were conducted.

The cadet seafarer participants were chosen from the PMMA fourth year students enrolled for the academic year 2015-2016. Survey data gathered were treated with chi-square test (critical value of 0.05) while data gathered from KIIs and FGD were presented and analyzed by themes. Data gathered revealed differences in the survey scores; however, the bar graph of all the safety factors surveyed revealed a positive similar trend of shipboard safety culture onboard in both tanker and bulk vessel types.

Computed chi-square scores revealed no significant difference between the tanker and bulk shipboard safety cultures in all eight safety factors, although more unsafe work conditions/ acts and onboard Health Injuries/ accidents were reported among bulk respondents.